Another View: Hunting in state parks? No shock, considering track record

Anyone who is shocked by the state Department of Environmental Protection’s proposal to open up state parks to hunting hasn’t been paying attention. After all, this incredibly damaging idea comes from the same administration that:

·Refused to push for land purchases that would help restore water flow to the Everglades.

·Didn’t stand up for voters and insist lawmakers appropriate ample Amendment 1 funds to preserve fragile land.

·Severely cut funding for the state’s water-management districts.

·Eliminated other funds for the state’s regional planning councils.

·Eliminated still other funds for a University of Florida research lab working to stop invasive species from ruining the state’s agriculture and environment.

·Abolished the Department of Community Affairs, responsible for growth management.

·Made “climate change” a forbidden phrase in state documents.

Obviously, “environmental protection” is open to broad interpretation in this state[…]