DEP Secretary hearing, send this email

Cut and paste to stop Steverson’s plan to add hunting, grazing, logging and other multi-use activities to our parks. Thank you Dana Bryan for writing this.

To: “Braynon, Oscar” <>, “Clemens, Jeff” <>, “Flores, Anitere” <>, “Gaetz, Don” <>, “Hays, Alan” <>, “Legg, John” <>, “Negron, Joe” <>, “RICHTER., GARRETT” <>

Subject: DEP Secretary hearing
Chairman Richter and Honorable Committee Members
The Florida Senate Committee on Ethics and Elections

Dear Senators:

Please excuse this single email to all committee members, but I want to plea with you all equally.
This is in reference to the pending confirmation of Jon Steverson as secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. It seems apparent that his confirmation will proceed, but many many citizens are opposed to his stated plans to change the Florida State Park system.

I specifically request that his approval by your committee be based on his agreement to abandon the implementation of multiple-use activities in state parks. He has unambiguously instructed park central office staff to prepare all future land management plans to allow multiple-use activities.
Multiple-use means a whole suite of potential activities that have never been allowed before on state parks, despite how he has testified to previous committees and the Cabinet to make it sound like the activities have always been allowed. The state park system has been successfully managed for single-use for compatible outdoor recreation for 80 years.

Mr. Steverson has stated to state park administrators that he intends to initiate commercial rotational timber harvesting, recreational hunting, and grazing in natural landscapes, and that he expects these and many other commercial activities to be allowed in the individual park management plans. Through his singular initiative, he is poised to do great harm to the finest state park system in the nation.

I urge you to listen to the citizen and newspaper editorials that are reverberating all around the state to oppose these specific plans that Sec. Steverson has designed and initiated.

Thank you.