Letters to the editor for Jan. 28, 2016

P1030362The Protect Paynes Prairie Coalition thanks the hundreds of local citizens who attended last Saturday’s Save Our State Parks rally and marched on behalf of the parks. The large, enthusiastic turnout sent a clear message to Tallahassee, including the governor and the Department of Environmental Protection: We do not want our beloved, prize-winning state parks — including Paynes Prairie — commercialized or privatized

We also appreciate the Gainesville Sun, TV-20 and all other media outlets for their interest and coverage. Without them, the public would not hear our message.

Parks belong to the citizens of Florida, not to politicians and special interests to be used as profit centers at the expense of priceless natural resources. There is a difference between land restoration within a park vs. management for commercial purposes. The department would have us believe otherwise.

Write or call your legislators; let them know you want your parks protected.

Patricia Harden


Protect Paynes Prairie Coalition